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When I undertook a PhD at the University of East Anglia I found that there were few properties which were suited to the lifestyle of a PhD student, for this reason I set up Lott Property Holdings.

I have 5 bedrooms which are individually available for rent at
25 Edgeworth Road, Norwich, NR5 8JD.

Our key aims are as follows:-


  • Leave when you like: PhD studies can finish at any time of the year depending on when the thesis is submitted and the timing of the Viva.
  • Short term lets considered: You may have been living somewhere else on a fixed term contract and just need somewhere for a few months until you finish your studies.
  • Individual contract: I find most research students previously studied elsewhere and therefore won't know anyone in Norwich to share with. We don't expect you to be jointly liable with strangers.


  • All bills included option: As the occupants of any student house can change we offer an all inclusive price.
  • Close proximity to UEA: Since you will be at UEA most, if not all, days. You may have experiments which need you to check over the weekend.
  • All information online: I find that many students are not able to visit properties e.g. due to being based in a foreign country at the time the offer from UEA comes in.


  • Landlord close by: My family and I live only a few minutes away as I was a PhD sutdent myself at UEA and have worked there for many years.
  • Requests considered: If there is something that you think the house needs, such as new furniture, then please ask.
  • Positive work enviroment: I want to ensure all housemates are happy and able to complete their studies so won't accept teannts that could hinder that.
Please note that this property is intended for students only since they are not liable for council tax, any tennant that is working would be liable for council tax for the whole property.

Copyright, 2019. Written by Martin Lott